Monday, January 3, 2011

Early summary of the Phildulphian Dialect


  1. Pretty amazing. You could do a whole video with people pronouncing "Tacony-Palmyra Bridge."

  2. Brilliant! I'm from St. Louis, MO and we have a surprisingly similar dialect in many ways. Well, not all of us... Somehow, all words with the letter o, are pronounced as an a. For example: forty is fardy. We have a highway 44, which often is said as fardy far. People eat with farks. My mother likes lots of pitchers on the wall and when I was little, she gave me crans to color with.

  3. Excellent, excellent. A friend facebook posted it. I
    ve been in California for about a dozen years, but it all came back. God, I haven't heard "MAC machine" in years. Thanks for the great post